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Just lots of love. Food glorious food! Home cooked food for dinner rather than hospital slops! Wonderful goodies that I had stocked up on, or dear friends had brought for my ravenous post-birth, breastfeeding appetite. And no one to tell you not to eat or drink during labour.


I did it, what a miracle! For me the crowning glory of a home birth is the sense of pride in yourself for having navigated the birth laborinth naturally and mindfully without the aid of drugs.

And the satisfaction of proving all the negative minded nay-sayers wrong. Home birth gives your baby the most gentle and loving entry into the world. It supports your diverse physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

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And it sets the stage for a positive parenting adventure. Share I write about… books creativity. Search Search for:. I'm Coming To America Next Week! Arise Burning Woman! And the winners are Burned Out - Healing from Adrenal Fatigue Gets Destroyed Getting Sidetracked And Being a Polygamist. Spring Clearing Life-changing, paradigm-shifting books by women, for women. A New Name? Books for Mothers Dreaming Aloud Your ideas needed It's Here!!!!!

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Lost in Living - The reality of the artist mother. Joy Pockets: two dreams in one week Never believe me when I say Time poverty and the modern mum. Here I am.

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Making Pinterest work for you! Joy pockets Hot off the press - my new book! Houston we have a title! Who is reading this? Come and get a rainbow coloured piece of me - with free postage!! Sneak preview A working definition of success The Crazy Woman prowls Summer is here! Let's celebrate! Transition - the nauseous stage of creative birth Rainbow therapy for hungry souls This ridiculous notion has snowballed over a long period of time and is perpetuated in today's media.

Programmes like one born every minute should be banned from TV - these kind of TV shows are allegedly reality TV - but only the worst and most dramatic births are shown, making women think birth has to be like that. Usually of actually giving birth. It's unknown, they have no idea what to expect and mums are all too keen to share the gory details of their birth traumas with other women. Why would you want to do this?

We need to uncover that fear, what is really the basis of the fear? A story they heard or one specific thing they are worried will happen during labour? Women are not cattle, we are individuals and every birth experience is so unique. Every person deals with new and stressful situations in a different way. The Birth OCKS philosophy aims to find out how mum deals with everyday situations and then match their everyday coping techniques to coping and comfort techniques for birthing. So many reasons.

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When we are positive and happy this positively affects our baby. During childbirth we want to encourage mum to be positive and to relax. When mum relaxes she will release Oxytocin. This time, is how to beat the dreaded 'morning' sickness! Top tips on avoiding morning sickness during pregnancy.

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YogaBellies Podcast. You got this! These pictures are so beautiful. However you feed your baby is your choice and nobody has a right to criticise you for it.

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Breast, bottle or tube fedisbest. A positive birthing experience is all we can hope for. The first poop after birth can be challenging to say the least Find out how to survive your first toilet trip below. When you choose hypnobirthing, there's no need for pain relief!

Here's an incredible story of the benefits Can birth really be pain free? Here are some top hypnobirthing tips and techniques for an easier labour. Improve your strength and endurance through breathwork. This is particularly helpful when applied during labour