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The real bent of his mind had been revealed in his 'Poetical Decameron,' , in which he displayed a remarkable familiarity with the less known Elizabethan poets. His study of early English literature dated from his boyhood.

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  4. In he printed, privately and anonymously, a long allegorical poem of bis own, 'The Poet's Pilgrimage,' written several years before, when he was fresh from the reading of the 'Faery Queen. His faculty of verse was no doubt shown to more advantage in his lighter pieces. In he published a new edition of Dodsley's 'Old Plays,' in 12 vols. To these he ultimately added five more, under the title 'Five Old Plays,' In 'Punch and Judy,' , he gave the text, with a highly interesting introduction, of a humbler form of popular entertainment. This was printed anonymously, to accompany a series of plates by George Cruikshank.

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    Although awkwardly arranged, this work was full of new and valuable matter. The work helped to secure for him a friendly connection with the Duke of Devonshire, to whom, as lord chamberlain, it was fitly dedicated. The duke not only gave him in return l. The unaffected kindness of his patron is the subject of continual entries in 'An Old Man's Diary,' which ostensibly covers the two years Lord Francis Gower, afterwards Egerton and Earl of Ellesmere , liberally allowed Collier free access to the rich collection of books and papers at Bridgewater House.

    As the documents on which they were founded are mainly spurious, these pamphlets have long ceased to be of value. A less exceptionable result of his labours in the Bridgewater Library was a descriptive catalogue of some of the earliest and most curious books, which was privately printed for Lord F.

    Egerton in Many years after it was incorporated into the author's still more valuable 'Bibliographical and Critical Account of the Rarest Books in the English Language,' It was followed in by a selection from the manuscripts, under the title of 'The Egerton Papers. He had already edited for it Bale's play of 'Kynge Johan,' , and his later contributions included two volumes of 'Trevelyan Papers,' , He acted also as treasurer to the society from to His services to the Percy Society and to the Shakespeare Society of which he was the director were still more conspicuous.

    Both were formed in , and he contributed ten publications to the former and twenty-one to the latter He was a frequent contributor also to the ' Transactions ' of the Society of Antiquaries, of which he became a fellow in , treasurer in , and vice-president in The earliest of his Shakespeare Society volumes was the 'Memoirs of E. Alleyn,' To this he added the ' Alleyn Papers,' , and the 'Diary of P. Henslowe,' , the three volumes together giving the result of his researches among the manuscripts at Dulwich College [see Alleyst, Edward ].

    Valuable as they otherwise are, they were eventually found to have added largely to the evidence of imposture accumulating against him. Meanwhile Collier completed an annotated edition of Shakespeare, 8 vols. It was preceded by a pamphlet dwelling upon ' the lately acquired means of illustrating the plays, poems, and biography of the poet. In the text of his edition Collier was essentially conservative. The introductory matter was full and valuable, and the edition was appropriately supplemented by 'Shakespeare's Library,' 2 vols. In June a royal commission was appointed on the British Museum.

    Its chairman was the Earl of Ellesmere, and by his influence Collier was made secretary. He thereupon gave up his employment on the 'Morning Chronicle. On this and other vexed questions he joined issue with Panizzi, then keeper of printed books, in whom he found more than his match, although he lived long enough to see the beginning of the catalogue actually in type.

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    During his official employment, besides smaller tracts, he found time to edit 'A Booke of Roxburghe Ballads,' , and 'Extracts from the Registers of the Stationers' Company,' 2 vols. This was the volume since known as the Perkins Folio, 'Tho. Perkins his Booke' being inscribed on the outer cover. Collier stated that he bought it for 30s.

    To the specimens which he gave in his first letter he added others in a second 7 Feb. The emendations, varying widely in merit and novelty, were now stamped with the authority of a corrector working soon after the book was printed, and possibly having access to better authorities than the early editors. The actual additions to the text included nine entire lines in as many places.

    Further details were at once called for. They were supplied at the end of in 'Notes and Emendations to the Plays of Shakespeare,' which claimed to include all the 'essential' manuscript readings.

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    A second edition appeared in , with a preface giving a circumstantial account of the identification of the annotated folio by a Mr. Chung-kuo chin-tai shih tz'u-tien A dictionary of modern Chinese history , comp. Shanghai : Shang-hai tz'u-shu ch'u-pan-she, Peking , February Chung-kuo , jen-min ta-hsueh Chung-kuo li-shih chiao-yen shih , Chung-kuo tzu-pen chu-i meng-ya wen-t'i t'ao-lun chi Collected articles on the question of capitalist sprouts in China. Peking : San-hen, Chung-kuo , k'o-hsueh yuan Shang-hai ching-chi yen-chiu so comp.

    Shang-hai chieh-fang ch'ien-hou wu-chia tzu-liao hui-pien — — Collected materials on prices before and after the liberation of Shanghai, — Peking : Pei-ching ch'u-pan-she, Tang-shih yen-chiu tzu-liao Research materials on parry history. Ch'eng-tu : Jen-min, Ko-sheng kao-chi hsing-cheng jen-yuan feng-chao Nan-ch'ang chi-hui chi-lu Record of the meeting of high provincial administrators held at Nanchang.

    Nanchang , Chung-kuo , lao-kung yun-tung shih pien-tsuan wei-yuan-hui , ed. Chung-kuo lao-kung yun-tung shih A history of the Chinese labour movement. Taipei : Chung-kuo lao-kung fu-li ch'u-pan-she, Chung-kuo , she-hui k'o-hsueh-yuan Li-shih yen-chiu so , ed. Peking , —. Chung-yang , nung-yeh-pu chi-hua ssu , comp. Liang-nien-lai ti Chung-kuo nung-ts'un ching-chi tiao-ch'a hui-pien A collection of surveys on the Chinese farm economy in the past two years. Clopton , Robert W. John Dewey, lectures in China, — Honolulu : East-West Center, Clubb , O.

    Twentieth century China. New York : Columbia University Press, ; 3rd edn. The witness and I. Coble , Parks M. The Shanghai capitalists and the Nationalist government, — Cochran , Sherman and Hsieh , Andrew , trans. One day in China, May 21, Cochran , Sherman. Big business in China: Sino-foreign rivalry in the cigarette industry, — Cohen , A.

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    The communism of Mao Tse-tung. Cohen , Paul A. Between tradition and modernity: Wang T'ao and reform in late Ch'ing China. Discovering history in China: American historical writing on the recent Chinese past. Reform in nineteenth-century China.

    [Adamson MS]

    Cohen , Warren I. The Chinese connection: Roger S. Greene, Thomas W. Lamont, George E. Sokolsky and American—East Asian relations. Cole , James. Modern China , 6.

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    A survey of Chinese students in American universities and colleges in the past one hundred years. New York , Compton , Boyd.

    Mao's China: party reform documents, — Coox , Alvin D. China and Japan: a search for balance since World War I. Santa Barbara : Clio Press, Corbett , Charles Hodge. Shantung Christian University Cheeloo.