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Ad click-throughs went down as inventory continued expanding like the cosmos. And brand content spend and consumer favorability went up. Content measurement tools —and the marketers who use them—grew more sophisticated and started successfully tracking conversions and brand lift from quality content…. In , however, the playing field grew as several major companies launched or accelerated massive new content programs.

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See our complete coverage of the best branded content of by month here. Troublingly, our sponsored content study showed that most consumers are still confused by this blurred version of media shared between brand and news outlet. Finally, was undoubtedly the Year of Facebook. This year, Facebook broke away from the pack. For everything you ever wanted to know about Facebook for content marketing, check out our popular e-book here. To get the full survey results and future analysis, sign up for our newsletter.

The idea was that media companies were good at making and printing content, and for a price, they could make and print content for you—in their magazine or in your very own. Twenty-first century content marketing has become a digital version of that old standard. Instead of a brand magazine, we made brand blogs. Instead of advertorial stories in the pages of The Atlantic , we made sponsored content on TheAtlantic.

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For most of our history, Contently promoted the former. Build your own audience was the talking point. But heading into and beyond, even traditional media is changing or needs to change its mind on publishing platforms.

In other words, succeeding in content marketing over the next five years is going to be about publishing to multiple platforms. This dynamic is facilitated, in part, by how social networks have grown up. Publishers and marketers used to treat social media as a digital delivery truck for links to their owned content, largely because all social networks were variations on ways to SMS people. Now, social networks that once dealt almost exclusively in text updates and links are morphing into longform publishing destinations.

LinkedIn Pulse, Facebook Instant Articles, and Medium the brainchild of the guys who made Twitter are all letting brands publish big content natively so users of those networks never have to leave.

Visual social networks like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and SlideShare are already destinations for their respective content formats; your brand video will get a lot more action on YouTube than your own site. In the long run, content will empower enterprise companies across every department, not just marketing.

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Thus, will be the start of the omni-channel publishing era. In the short run, this will mean a little more chaos, but in the medium run, it will mean that the social and content departments at brands will merge. And in the long run, it means that content will empower enterprise companies across every department, not just marketing.

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As we say at Contently, great stories build relationships and make people care. It will be about everything. There is a huge delta between the majority of content marketers and their most successful peers, who tend to spend a much higher share of their content marketing budgets—around 30 to 50 percent—on paid content distribution. For brands already creating effective content, paid content distribution is the best and easiest way to take a huge leap in As we wrote before, there are a number of major platforms for amplifying headlines, and social networks are increasingly becoming great arenas for paid content promotion.

Additionally, as these social networks get more saturated, the organic reach of brand content will continue to decrease. Sign up to receive email notifications of upcoming events and insights and other highlights from Roger. Sidewalk Labs is the future of urban tech. What to watch for now that CEOs have rewritten the purpose of the corporation.

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