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I don't know what to expect today at school.

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I'm a new student wit thick british accent, some people find my accent sexy and some says it was annoying. I chose to wear a simple clothes, not so much make up but only powder and lip gloss.

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Of course i want to make a good impression to my classmates and teachers. When i was about to closed the i felt a gust of wind whipped at my face making me jump in fear. Megan pinched my cheek playfully before answering. The aroma of fresh brew coffee wrapped under my nose when we entered the kitchen.

I saw my father sitting while reading a newspaper, you know, a typical scene you will see in a movie. Megan and I sat both sat down and started eating. Marilyn came with fried rice, eggs and hotdogs. Megan shrugged it off and put her phone down "Sorry. I thought about it for awhile, why not? Try new things, maybe make some friends.

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I just nodded my head to Megan because my mouth is full. Megan smile widely and pinched my cheek again.

That carbon rates very high on the stain o meter. WildWhatevers, you're lucky that was not a bomb, and exploded when you lit it. Parrot, Those are neat looking!


I just wish I could get mine not to leak when they are filled up. Maybe I need a new gasket on the cap that covers the burner after the flame goes out. I have a couple like DP posted. I use them with citronella oil to keep the bugs down. Originally Posted by Triple C. I'm not saying let's eliminate all the stupid people.

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I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem work itself out. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Replies: Last Post: , Which Deuce model would be considered a "best buy" for the money??? By leeinmemphis in forum The Deuce. Replies: 5 Last Post: , Robert Strobel's Refugees, a dynamic piano composition reminiscent of Takemitsu, explores the human drama of displacement in profoundly thought-out rhythmic and melodic structures.

Rejuvenated by Matthew J. Jaskot perambulates a futuristic universe of musical expression in seven diverse piano variations, miraculously springing forth from a simple pentatonic melody.

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Cover by Tim Burgard. Art by Chris Marrinan, J. Flare turns 25! This special 25th issue of Flare 6 in the current series features a cover by her original artist Tim Burgard, plus guest appearances by Raven Gold and the legendary Vanguard of Freedom! You won't want to miss the Vanguard's special four-page cameo, including a glimpse of America's bronze goddess of freedom, Liberty Girl! Meanwhile, back home, while the cat's away, the winsome Whipperette will play. Her target: Flare's new boyfriend! Begins numbering as if the first two series were numbered sequentially.

Cover by Gordon Purcell.

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  • It's Flare times two when our glittering heroine takes on her photokinetic counterpart from the world of the distant future! But what in the world is Sabrina Martel doing in the here and now? Maybe having a word or two about protecting your kind might help at least partially. CursedPh4nt0m "well only one of them is actually real, others are decoys. I have come here after the crystal that you hold secure, bring me a worthy challenger and we shall dispute over it, deny this challenge and you and your generations shall only know suffering.

    The Inquisitor places the staff's tip downwards and leans his head atop its bottom. His voice was non-chalant, yet serious at the same time. I think it would be a better soluting to bring this matter to their ruler and have him guarentee for your safety.

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    Depending on when we find out were he is, this might be a matter of only a few hours Do you have any idea on how to find out where he is? CursedPh4nt0m they reach the caves end, behind it is just a think layer of stone. Forum Discord Chat Wiki Roadmap.