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Rating I rate this series a 3. It's average. Over all feeling This series has an ambitiously complex plot that perhaps is to blame for the authors lack of detail in other areas. I also find the sex scenes average. That said I'd cautiously recommend it.

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It continues from the previous books and Alexa, Arys, Shaz and Jez find themselves trying to let their hair down and forget about the troubles they left at home. Unfortunately because Alexa is sooooo lucky the shit hits the fan and trouble finds its way to her. In this book we finally see Alexa starting to embrace her more vampiric power from time to time and stops letting people push her around. We see Shaz and how hos character has changed since his stint in the mountains.

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This story is very important with Arys and his past and bloodline family. We get to meet his brothers and sister and even Harleys sire so we get to see the 'family' he has been with in the past with a fair bit of sibling rivalry. In terms of a smooth book length arc and consistent characters this might have been the best book to date. I've seen others suggest that it didn't really add value to the long arc but I disagree. The introduction of the Vegas people into the story, the slight reveals of Alexa's longer purpose, and significantly more development and changes in regards to the politics of the various different groups did move the story along, even if not with leaps and bounds.

It was engaging and I didn't feel like In terms of a smooth book length arc and consistent characters this might have been the best book to date. It was engaging and I didn't feel like Alexa was as sometimey as she has so often been in the past. Good Book I would say why the Arthur would name it Freak Show because it is and this book is beyond crazy. Arthur did a good job writing this and she did a great job on it.

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I do recommend this to my friends to read this book and I am giving a five-stars. Love the series I really love this series the intricate the love the hate the drama it is totally awesome. Trina m Lee is awesome. Installment number 7 in Alexa's story and I did love it! It wasn't my favourite in the series and I wasn't keen on Jenner or Sloan but I still loved them. I'm kind of over Shaz at this point!! I was surprised to find myself feeling this way but I just want Alexa and Arys now. I want him and Alexa to at least get it on again!

I am glad Alexa is finally waking up ignorance is not bliss. She is so frightened by the truth she hides from it making it more deadly for everyone involved. This was a turning point in the series because finally she is acknowledging what she needs to do and hopefully getting rid of denial. Arys is still a piece of work and I think he brings down Alexa.

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I wish she stepped up to him most of the time it gets annoying when Alexa acts passive towards him. A great new book in the Alexa series, this is one of my absolute favorite series out there.

This time we were on a road trip to Las Vegas, and things is bound to happen. I love Arys and only thing I missed was him in on the bedroom action. But we did get some werewolf action here, need I say more? Think not. She sets the stage in Vegas and meets interesting characters and that is not all. I can't wait for the next one.. Not a bad book but it felt more like a gap filler with, with a lot of the same things just in another city.

Even though I enjoyed the book and will still follow the series there needs to be a bit more resolution to the story line, it was because of this that I skimmed read the book. Action packed! Started reading book and left it for 2 months, because I was down from the previous book. Picked it up again and the action just kept on coming!

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A lot of possibilities come together in book 7 and 7. Starting book 8 now. Fabulous read Really, great read. I am so invested in these characters, just loving it! Great story. Beautiful writing. Good back story. Really try the series. If you enjoy shifter books you will love this one.

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Love Alex's she great character in this series I LOVE this series!!! Never a disappointment. Nov 14, Dawn rated it it was amazing. Loved it I just love this whole series it's full of action, big time drama, and white hot passion. Alexa in Vegas could not be more fun. A must read book. Really love this book, I just can't get enough of Arys and loved what he let Alexa do to Jenner talk about a taste of your own medicine.

I really liked the change in scenery and New characters! I love this series I really enjoy Trina's writing style and character development. I've been addicted to this series since book 1!

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Book 7 Freak show was just as entertaining. I am looking forward to finishing the series. I love this series, couldn't put my kindle down till I was finished it. Cant wait till the next book comes out, awesome read. Just the action I needed from a book right now :D. I loved this book! Def worth the wait : This series rocks my socks. Can't wait for Kale!!

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So this book was very dark and lots of sad. FrEaK sHoW!! Readers also enjoyed.

enter site About Trina M. Trina M. I live in Alberta, Canada with my bass player husband, fierce teenage daughter and three annoying but super cute cats. Other books in the series. Alexa O'Brien, Huntress 1 - 10 of 12 books. Books by Trina M. Trivia About Freak Show Alexa She's forced to face the painful truth that not everyone is who she thinks they are. Due to the power she shares with bad ass vampire, Arys Knight, power hungry creatures are eager to get a taste of her. That includes Arys' sadistic sire, a vampire that sees her as a toy, perfect for his personal collection.

If he doesn't kill her, she just might wish he had. Alexa is in danger, something her wolf mate Shaz blames entirely on Arys.

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The tension runs high when an argument blows up into a full physical confrontation between the two men. Alexa learns there is one way to protect herself from those who see her as a walking, talking power trip. Now she is faced with her biggest decision yet.