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The whole world was just hurrying to become another Denmark where nothing of interest would ever happen. But that stultifying intellectual world was exploded by the crisis, the rise of political Islam, and the rise of China.

It exploded because it was i unable to address real issues and contradictions and supplied only ready-made formulaic bromides, and ii it wrongly assumed that people desire to be free of ideological choices. In other words, it is not only unlikely that the world will ever become Denmark the Middle East has been in turmoil for the past 4, years and is likely to be so in the next , but the world does not want to live in a society devoid of major ideological choices, cleavages and battles. Now, the exciting times are back again.

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It is especially exciting for the young people because the richness of ideological choices they have before them is immense: liberalism, new socialism, nationalism, political Islam, Chinese political capitalism, probably more. During the Cold War, the offer was reduced to two, rather bland, types. Then in the original Fukuyama moment we had only one brand of rather tasteless cereals on offer. But today, we are thriving with numerous cereals, some with potent taste, others very spicy, some sugary.

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The choice is great and it is all yours. The stakes, fortunately, are not as great as during the inter-war years in Europe and the world. We do not all crave to die for an ideology. But the intellectual excitement and ferment is back.

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My students are lucky. It is good to be young in interesting times, despite that much quoted Chinese curse.

Studying Political Science in Germany

We have posted a number of technical pieces refuting neo-classical economics. Both were in favour of […]. Democracy plays no role in his vision for Europe. There will have to eventually be a […]. Article Branko Milanovic.