Manual How Einstein Ruined Physics: Motion, Symmetry, and Revolution in Science

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Relativity was the culmination of an ancient quest to understand the motion of the Earth. The story takes us from ancient Greeks like Aristotle, through medieval debates over Copernicus and Galileo, and up to the modern search for dark matter and energy. Somehow it has become fashionable in physics to try for some sort of abstract Einsteinian revolution instead of explaining observable realities.

This book dispels the myths about physics progressing by pure thought, and shows that following Einstein's dream is an entirely bad idea. Published by Dark Buzz. Ukaguzi Sera ya Maoni. Published on. Flowing text, Google-generated PDF. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader.

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Unfortunately, unlike Kepler b, the incredibly Earth-like planet that was discovered recently, this new planet, the catchily-named HD b, is far too close to its star to sustain life. Astronomers found the aurora light display around a brown dwarf 20 light years away. Scientists from Sweden have found a fossilised cocoon in Antarctica containing the world's oldest sperm. The discovery of the fossilised sperm found inside the walls of a 50 million-year-old worm cocoon has been branded "remarkable" by scientists.

The findings, published by The Royal Society, say that the specimen is the oldest animal sperm ever found. Nasa announced discovery of new planet seen as 'close cousin' to Earth. Palaeontologists in China have found a close relative of the Velociraptor that has a well-preserved set of bird-like wings — and may have been just about to evolve into a bird. The skeleton is nearly complete and could offer clues to what Velociraptors actually looked like. The new find has wings with properly-layered feathers, the team reports.

Though it is a dinosaur, it looks more like a turkey or vulture. All of the pictures since then have been produced by stitching together different pictures into a full image of the globe. The new picture is a composite, of three separate images, but each of those images showed the whole planet. The camera takes ten images through the colour spectrum — going all the way from ultraviolent to infrared — and to make the new picture Nasa combined the red, green and blue pictures.

The photo was taken on July 6, , and mostly shows North and Central America. Scientists have warned that a new strain of a 'flesh-eating' bug is spreading globally, and has contributed to a rise in disease cases in the UK. The group A streptococcus bacteria typically causes relatively minor infections, such as tonsilitis, and is treated readily with antibiotics. However, in severe cases of invasive infection, the bacteria can cause necrotising fasciitis - a condition which destroys and eats away at body tissue, and causes pneumonia and blood poisoning.

A bizarre extinct creature that has mystified scientists since its m-year fossil was first unearthed more than a century ago has finally revealed its teeth — placing it centre stage in the evolution of many complex life-forms living today. Hallucigenia, which owes its name to its unworldly appearance, was so odd that scientists initially confused its top from its bottom and its head from its tail.

However, a study has now unequivocally identified its mouth, complete with a fearsome ring of sharp teeth. Five previously hidden supermassive black holes have been discovered by British astronomers, leading to speculation that the universe could contain millions of the mysterious monsters which chew up everything that comes close to them. The New Horizons craft has sent back stunningly detailed pictures of Pluto taken just before it began its historic flyby, only months after Nasa was celebrating seeing the dwarf planet in colour at all.

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In April, Nasa released pictures showing just two tiny, imprecise dots — Pluto and its largest moon, Charon, though they wouldn't have been recognisable to anyone but experts. Now, the agency has released finely-detailed images of the dwarf planet, showing its geological features and its large, plain "heart". The test is based on the rapid and simultaneous detection of the hundreds of different antibodies that the human immune system makes when the body is invaded by viruses ranging from influenza and herpes to HIV and Ebola.

The fossilised skeleton of the dog-sized creature, a theropod dinosaur, is described as a cousin of the giant tyrannosaurus rex and is believed to be the earliest specimen of a Jurassic era dinosaur ever to walk the Earth. Described as the "find of a life-time" it was discovered on Lavernock beach near Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan by two fossil-hunting brothers, Nick and Rob Hanigan after storms in spring Bears have been seen catching and eating dolphins for the first time ever, after the marine mammals were left stuck in the Arctic Ocean because of global warming.

It marks the first time that bears have been seen killing and eating dolphins. Usually, the dolphins only go up north during the warmer summer — but this year they have arrived in spring. The bears catch the dolphins in a similar way to the seals that they usually eat. Both animals keep holes in the ice which they use to come up and breathe from — at which point, if the bear is lucky, it will snatch them up and eat them. Now a mast, taller than the Eiffel Tower, has been built deep in the heart of the forest — amid jaguars, snakes and giant trees — to monitor chemical changes in the air that could shed new light on global climate change.

Until now the division between the simple cells of microbes such as bacteria from the more complicated cells of animals and plants has been so abrupt and absolute that it was difficult to see how one could have evolved from the other. However, researchers have now found a new microbial species that sits between the two branches of life, and which appears to be a living descendent of the last common ancestor of both the simple microbial life-forms and the complex life we see all around us.

The US government is developing highly-advanced killer robots and we must decide whether we support or oppose them, a leading computer scientist has said. Lethal autonomous weapons systems, or LAWS, are being developed that could eventually become super-powerful and will not be able to ethically choose who should live or die, Stewart Russell, a professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley has warned. In the journal Nature, Russell likened the power to nuclear weapons — and said that just as physicists eventually had to take a position on the use of that technology to kill, so should AI specialists and others.

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The agency hopes that the probe will be able to scour Europa to check whether the thick layer of ice on its surface obscures an ocean, which they hope could contain conditions for living things. It has chosen nine instruments from a shortlist of Early humans migrated out of Africa more than 60, years ago through Egypt rather than crossing the shallow sea that separated Ethiopia from the Arabian Peninsula as some archaeologists have suggested, a study of the DNA of modern people has found.

Scientists have long argued about which of the two migratory routes the first humans took when they emerged from Africa to colonise the Middle East, Asia and other parts of the globe. Now a study of present-day genomes of north-east Africans suggests the northern route through Egypt and the Sinai was more likely. The study analysed the genomes of Egyptians and Ethiopians and compared their DNA to people currently living in Eurasia and to other parts of Africa.

How Einstein Ruined Physics: Motion, Symmetry, and Revolution in Science

It concluded that the ancient migratory route through the Sinai Peninsula has left its mark on the DNA of people living in Egypt today, scientists said. Ray Kurzweil, an inventor and director of engineering at Google, said that in the s the implants will help us connect to the cloud, allowing us to pull information from the internet. Information will also be able to sent up over those networks, letting us back up our own brains.

Nasa scientists have asked the public what the bright spots on the surface of dwarf planet Ceres could be, being no closer to the answer despite the Dawn probe taking the most clear and detailed pictures of the planet ever. The Dawn space probe, which was launched in September , took the pictures of Ceres that show the bright spot from almost 29, miles away. The probe is getting closer to being pulled into orbit around the dwarf planet. The pictures show two clear bright spots on the surface of the planet, which is around miles in diameter and made up of rock and ice.

Bright spots had been seen on the surface of the planet earlier, but only after the Dawn probe took detailed images, could Nasa scientists see that there were many bright spots close to each other. The plan is to upload MB of data, contributed by the backers of the One Earth Message campaign, to the tune of around images and about an hour of audio recordings to the New Horizons craft whose current mission is to explore the surface of the dwarf planet and its moon Charon which lie at the furthest reaches of our solar system.

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An international team of researchers have made an important step towards understanding how volcanic eruptions happen, after identifying a previously unrecognised potential trigger. The team used jelly and lasers in an experiment to model how magma ascends from great depths to the surface through a series of connected fractures. A tank was filled with jelly as coloured water was injected to mimic ascending magma, while a high-speed camera and a synchronised laser were used to observe.

The Fermi space telescope has detected high-energy light that scientists claim could give clues to a magnetic field that existed very soon after the big bang. The exact nature of those gamma rays could be proof that there is more matter than anti-matter in the universe, as well as offering a clue to why it came about. Scientists think that, after the big bang, the universe had as much anti-matter in it as it did matter.

A study has shown that in contemporary hunter-gatherer tribes men and women tend to hold equal standing and influence, suggesting that sexual equality was the norm for humans throughout most of our evolutionary history. Engineers and scientists are constructing a huge mini-star, which will produce the same reactions that happen in the sun to provide energy for the future.

It will weigh three times as much as the Eiffel Tower and be as big as 60 football pitches. Inside the new building will be a nuclear reactor that scientists hope can provide power through nuclear fusion. In doing so it could generate clean, safe energy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Earlier this year, the team behind the project appointed a new leader, Bernard Bigot.

Scientists have created an electronic memory cell that mimics the way that human brains work, potentially unlocking the possibility of the making bionic brains. The cell can process and store multiple bits of information, like the human brain. The new cells have been likened to the difference between having an on-off light switch and a dimmer, or the difference between black and white pictures or those with full colour, including shade light and texture.

While traditional memory cells for computers can only process one binary thing at a time, the new discovery allows for much more complex memory processes like those found in the brain. A company based in in Lyon said they had created human sperm in vitro, a feat which would be a world first. Asteroids rich in water are flying around the universe — and could have already kicked off life on other worlds.

Scientists have long thought that the water that is so key to life on Earth arrived on the planet on an asteroid. Lightning has long been a favourite of photographers, who can capture the arc of light in stunning detail. The images are made up of acoustic maps, and are taken using special equipment that can visualise the way that the sound moves in space. By doing so, scientists hope that they can gain a better understanding of the physics behind the phenomenon.

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The discovery could eventually help scientists create artificial muscles for robots, as well as having uses for healthcare. And it does so much more cheaply than previous solutions. Using electron microscopy Cambridge researchers have been able to reconstruct the teeth of penis worms, also known as priapulids, in minute detail — allowing them to better identify other similar species across the world. The recording equipment was sent up by a graduate student as part of a Nasa project to record sound from the edges of the atmosphere.

The microphones picked up "infrasound" — frequencies so low that they can't be heard by human ears.

But speeding up the recordings means that the sounds can be heard. Scientists said that people with a pathological gambling habit are more likely than the general public to believe they have seen non-random patterns in the things they are betting on — such as slot machines or roulette wheels. Seeing patterns in things when they are not actually there becomes a toxic cocktail when combined with impulsive behaviour, according to a study comparing gamblers with non-gamblers.

Astronauts making the journey to Mars could suffer brain damage caused by cosmic rays, a Nasa study has found.