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It is necessary to withdraw, to be "an island to unto oneself," at least for a time as any meditator knows , not for any "selfish" reasons but precisely in order to make this profound introspective investigation. In another sense, Buddhists would of course agree with John Donne that "No man is an island.

III, PTS ], one would expect to find here the words which he inserts in the text: "The well-taught Ariyan disciple," as in many passages. If one in fact sees these things and reflects as said in the text, one will cease to be a "worldling. Elsewhere translated as "dispassion" SN Tadanganibbuto means rather more than Woodward's "one who is rid of all that. You may copy, reformat, reprint, republish, and redistribute this work in any medium whatsoever, provided that: 1 you only make such copies, etc.

For me it would imply the absence of anything not created by oneself. Adagio But what about being alone in your mind, while having to deal with something. Not literally alone physically, but mentally, when no body can help. I have felt that way on certain occasions in my life. A friend coped by going out and being wild and crazy…different strokes for the same pain. Coloma Yes, that is sort of what I am talking about. In a manner of speaking. I am sure others would use another description of the feeling, but this one does it for me.

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To me it means that all people are interdependent. We can not survive on our own. We are dependent on the cooperation of others. I guess people can be islands unto themselves, but they soon become irrelevant and meaningless. Without other humans, there is no future, and there is no significance to anything we do. So if we keep to ourselves, alone, with no contact with others, we are essentially dead.

We lose our personhood. We can have no identity on our own, because identity is irrelevant and meaningless and inconceivable without context—specifically, the context of other people. Most people are in relationship with many others, and their personhood develops in relationship to all those connections. They come to understand themselves as they relate to others, and they find a place within that matrix.

Rangie that is exactly why I say that being alone and being an island are 2 entirely different things… there are certainly times when one feels completely and utterly alone but I do not feel that qualifies as being an island… to my mind, being an island means that our lives are completely untouched by the world around us, including people….

To look to anything outside of self for an identity is to be lost in the smoke and mirrors of ego. This is what awakening or enlightenment means…the recognition that one is not the ripple but the ocean itself. Therefore everything on a surface level, while perhaps pleasant has no effect on the depth of ones being. Adagio Okay, all of you make sense in the way you are seeing this issue. Perhaps this questions has many facets instead of just one as it appears on the surface of the question. Being a man is more than : identity, recognition, ego, literally alone, as opposed to mentally alone in thought.

Where no one but no one understands what you are thinking, and if they could, they could not help you. Does that make any sense to you? What happens when a person is completely shunned? No one talks to them. No one does business with them. No one allows them to do anything that is related to other people.

This person must find a place where they can be alone or else they will be pushed away. This state of affairs is permanent. No one will ever connect with this person an any level at all. I suppose a person could be content just relating to his or herself. Not want anything, except maybe food and shelter.

What is meant by "no man is an island unto himself"

There are stories of people who voluntarily put themselves in such a position, but it seems to me they want, eventually, to come back into contact with other people. Is there any point to enlightenment if no one ever knows? I suppose it could release some kind of endorphine rush.

You could feel happy until you die. So I think that you are right. It does not require any relationship with anyone else in order to be happy. You can just be happy if you get rid of expectation and prejudice about things that you want or believe you should have. You can sit or lie down until you die. But once desire enters into it in the shape of hunger or something , you are no longer happy. You want something. You may be able to satisfy that hunger, or not.

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  • Quote by James Rozoff: “Each man is an island unto himself. But though ”!
  • No man is an island unto himself.
  • To be alive is to desire. The moment you stop desire, you are on a fast road to death.

    What is meant by "no man is an island unto himself" and can he ever be?

    Though it may feel like it, you are not alone! Trust those that God has placed on you. For example, look at the above quote and place it in the context of church leadership. Rather, he has placed you into a local congregation to oversee a group of people to accomplish His plan and mission. Pastors, you are not meant to live this life alone. You need godly men and women around you to provide you with Godly counsel and wisdom.

    'No Man is an Island'

    Do not try and do it on your own! Allow the elder team, deacon body, and congregation to provide godly counsel and guidance. For you are not an island. Back Conference Conference Conference.

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    An Island Unto Itself. Have a plurality of elders Though some theological camps may differ on this, I feel that it is not only important but also biblical for a church to have a plurality of elders. Have congregational accountability The members of the congregation have a different perspective when it comes to reaching their family, friends, co-workers, and community with the Gospel, rather than pastors. James White.