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En quoi ne devrais-je parler que des films qui me plaisent? Je remercie Minette Pascal pour son soutien chaleureux. Je remercie Pierre pour sa clairvoyance. Mais peu importe. Nous savons nous retrouver autour des plus beaux westerns de John Ford. Je rectifierai. Ou est la logique? Celui qui aime va mieux ramasser les arguments pour. Pourquoi rognez-vous les photos? Bon courage!

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A Yves Rouxel : merci, vous donnez envie de le voir, ce film! A Denis. Des spectateurs avec un vrai point de vue. Et ils parlent de Sofia Coppola vs Don Siegel! A MB Mais si. Ce film est une veritable surprise. Ah au fait, bonjour MB, vous pourriez recommuniquer le lien? A Chiaffi. Pour ma part, je pense que Bertrand Tavernier a raison sur le fond. Mot admirable. Vincent Moreau. Une merveille. Eldoradorable, quoi…. Il y a des limites! Un blog me prend des jours de travail, de nouvelles visions, des recherches.

Aucun ostracisme. A Toutes et tous. Mais cher ami, vous traversez une crise mystique for touchante. Que vous arrive t -il cher Rouxel? La vierge vous est apparu? Votre lyrisme eucumenique soudain est troublant.


Il se laisse aller? La souffrance y est peinte pourtant sans concessions:on y saigne,on sent battre les plaies. A cinq ans de distance,nous retrouverons cela vers la fin du Long Voyage. En revanche, je garde mes gants de boxe sur la question de la Patrouille perdue. En fut-il ainsi pour le grand public? Il en excluait bien sur Arletty.

Au diapason du film. Berry mauvais? Et comment ne pas aimer la musique de Thiriet et Kosma? A MinettePascal. Certes mais quand meme , beaucoup trop de scenes sont du mauvais theatre filme. A Yves Rouxel Comme vous y allez! Nous voici en Et plus de nouvelles. Merci pour cette information. Le dvd est sortie chez Gaumont.

Merci Bertrand. Mais rien ne vaut la vraie voix des acteurs. Pour moi gary Cooper a definitivement la voix de jean Martinelli. Il y a bien sur des versions catastrophiques. Une catastrophe. Cela dit Jurgens est vraiment pas mal. Il a toute latitude pour accepter ou refuser un sujet.

Entendre John Wayne avec une voix fluette et monocorde!!!! Les enseignants ont une prose?

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Vous parlez de la prose des corrections de copies? Mais parlons des films des autres. Peut-etre un cacher allechant ou le nom de sergio Leone accolle au film. Je me dis que la suite ne devait pas valoir tripette non plus. Nouvelle forme de snobisme en somme! Bien sur la composition de Morricone est une fois de plus inventive.

Thinking about it afterwards, I figure out that I have experienced a kind of Joyce-ish mystic epiphany when reading it and that it led me to develop a genuine passion towards Sciences in general, and Mathematics in particular. My future now crystal-clear, I easily managed to find a college offering a major in Sciences, soon registered and eagerly commenced to attend the first courses of the curriculum. As weeks and lectures stretched, my enthusiasm flourished. Algebra and Geometry proved to be an endless source of formal beauty.

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I successively and chronologically fell in love with Thales hence with the impenetrable mystery of triangles , Isaac Newton and his gravity laws, Bertrand Russel —the only Mathematician that I know, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature1 — Then of course, with Albert Einstein and finally with the contemporary black hole theorist Stephen Hawking, though his attempt to unify all the laws of the universe into a single one, from his wheelchair, sounded courageous but rather megalomaniac to me.

I read everything possible on Mathematics and Physics, had subscriptions for all the most cutting edge magazines on the topic. Unfortunately the little imperfections I became aware of, during our epistemology course, were not so minor may Professor Karpovsky burn in hell! The unbearable truth was, would you believe it, that the mathematical system as a whole, was not only contradictory but was also incomplete!!

In other words, some of the theorems could never be demonstrated and by the way, the rest was incoherent. Thanks to Kurt Godel, the unparalleled genius of the 20th century may he burn in hell besides professor Karpovsky! Since then I progressively got away from the magic of sciences. Vacation went on slowly, time expanding itself, as to remind me that some theories, as nebulous as General Relativity, might eventually have practical applications in everyday life.

As an aside, it may sound peculiar to non French people, but in our country, the best TV programs are always broadcasted very late, to be sure only a very restricted and motivated elite will be able to watch it. The anchorman, Bernard Pivot, was a magician to me. To be honest I have to confess I was somewhat disappointed to learn later that he was discretely reading his notes during the show. But it was for a noble purpose: he held language and words in such great respect, that he had only agreed to answer questions if they were mailed to him a week before.

He wanted his answers to be really accurate, with the very level of meaningfulness he wanted to achieve. But the one I will never forget and who will be held responsible for my second devouring passion, was the regretted Albert Cohen. He was, at that time, at the dawn of his life, tired and apparently ill.

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But when he was asked to speak about some characters of his books, his energy came back, his face enlightened, became more vivid and I could see his eyes sparkling as a genuine teen ager. He was literally exulting and me with him! But honestly , what I found devastating, was to see this eighty years old man, tears filling up his eyes, recounting the saddest recollection of his life. In the late evening I was requested to answer the phone. It was my mother, worried because of my not returning home at the usual time. Very upset and somewhat ashamed to be considered as an oblivious child before my workmates, I answered her very nastily and hanged up.

What will I be mortified by, when I grew older?

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I did…far beyond my expectations. Then I went through the complete bibliography of Romain Gary. I loved the extremely talented writer, but even more the smart guy who had fooled the whole literary microcosm, being rewarded twice the Goncourt Prize, using a fake identity and even a body double to answer interviews. It took me weeks read his twenty novels, but once again it was worth the effort and I experienced a real enchantment.