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Download this article Angelika Maier Germany. She started playing music as a child. Her first instrument was the recorder. Later she had guitar and flute lessons and taught herself to play the mandolin and hammered dulcimer. She has always loved folk music and has always had a soft spot for instruments which produce lots of harmonics. Therefore, it was probably inevitable that some day she would be charmed by the nyckelharpa and tempted to play it. Although she was slightly hesitant to learn a new instrument at the age of fifty, she decided to give it a try.

That was six years ago and she has never regretted this decision. Besides being a nyckelharpa player she teaches flute and recorder. All over the world, bowed string instruments can find that date back centuries within their respective cultural traditions.

Take a look at these six examples. And check out the videos. You may find some inspiration, and at the very least, be surprised. It is an extremely expressive instrument made of rose or red sandalwood.

Nyckelharpa - the swedish key fiddle

It sports a round or octagonal sound box at the bottom with a long thin neck with two tuning pegs, one for each of the two strings. There is no fingerboard like the violin, so the player's fingers must hold and vibrate the strings by pressing only against the strings themselves. The sound box drum resonator is typically covered with python snakeskin on one side and ornamental wood on the other. The erhu is an alto or middle range instrument with a history of almost 4, years. Also known as the horsehead fiddle, it is one of the most important musical instruments of the Mongol people.

Many festivals are held in celebration of the morin khuur, and Mongolians often have the box-shaped wooden instrument with two strings in their home, as it is seen as a symbol of peace and happiness. The strings are constructed from horses' tails and strung over a wooden bridge on the body and up a long neck, past a second smaller bridge, to two tuning pegs on the scroll, which is often carved in the shape of a horse head.


The bowing technique is unique, as it uses the little and the ring finger of the right hand to touch the bow hair for sound accents. The other two fingers maintain a slight pressure on the strings.

Watch the video to hear traditional morin khuur music, often accompanied by throat singing. This traditional Swedish musical instrument, also known as a chordophone, dates back to the 16th Century. It has 37 wooden keys arranged to slide under the strings, attached to tangents which, when depressed, serve as frets to change the pitch of the string.

A short bow is used in the right hand while the left hand pushes on the keys. It has a three-octave range and sounds something like a fiddle, only with more resonance.


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You can learn more at the American Nyckelharpa Association. The Bulgarian gadulka is an integral part of Bulgarian traditional instrumental ensembles, commonly played in the context of dance music. Its name means "to make noise, hum, or buzz. It has three melody strings and up to 16 sympathetic strings that give resonance to the tones, which are obtained by gliding the strings with a bow made of a flexible forked willow twig and tied with horse hair and waxed with rosin.

Unlike many other stringed instruments, there is no nut at the top of the strings — they are stretched between a tuning peg at the top and the tailpiece at the bottom, passing over the bridge or through holes in the bridge.

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In the musical tradition of Ethiopia, we find the Mesenqo — a single-stringed bowed lute. The instrument is often used by Ethiopian minstrels, called azmaris "singer" in Amharic.

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