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Fellows , J. UCS, Vol. This is an electronic journal: the paper can be obtained here. Upper bounds to the clique-width of graphs , joint work with S. Une axiomatisation au premier ordre des arrangements de pseudo-droites euclidiennes , with F. Fourier, Grenoble , France 49 This article is in the proceedings of a Symposium dedicated to F.

Jaeger, Grenoble , Clique-width of countable graphs: a compactness property. Discrete Mathematics Map genus, forbidden maps and monadic second-order logic , with V. Final Version. On the model-checking of monadic second-order formulas with edge set quantifications. Submitted extended abstract longer than the version in the proceedings. Gavoille, M. Slides : see below IC A3 Constraint-path labellings on graphs of bounded clique-width with A.

Gavoille and M. Expanded version of A2. Twigg , March Will not be published. Applied Logic 10 Notes Comp. A11 Computation by fly-automata beyond monadic second-order logic , with I. A12 Fly-automata, model-checking and recognizability , with I. A13 Model-checking with Fly-automata , in Encyclopedia of Algorithms, second edition. Long version. A15 Fly-automata for checking MSO2 graph properties.

Discrete Applied Mathematics , A translation from French of an "historical paper". Algorithms for equivalence and reduction to minimal form for a class of simple recursive equations , with G. Kahn and J. Translation from French by T. Veldhuizen with original text, a few comments and additional references.

Bertot et al. English translation of original article by T. Veldhuizen, revised by B. Courcelle : Chapter 8, pp. Courcelle : Program semantics and infinite regular terms Chapter 7 , pp. New typing of an old paper. Corrections and updates. See corrections. Van Leeuwen ed. See corrections and updates. M11 for complete article.

Combinatorics, Automata and Number Theory

See T5 for complete article. See M 14 for the complete article.

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Weil of a side workshop during the International Conference on Graph Transformation on October 11 and 12 in Barcelona. Self-invited talk: On a conjecture by D.

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Slides for the talk Pdf. On a conjecture by D. See OC13 and M Title of lecture : Recent advances on a conjecture by D. See M IC17 : Robust and approximative algorithms on particular classes of graphs , Dagsthul Seminar, May Title of lecture : Monadic Second-order queries on graphs of bounded clique-width.


Title : Recognizability and Hypergraph operations using local informations joint work with Achim Blumensath. See U3. Title of lecture : Isotropic systems, monadic second-order definition of vertex-minors and Seese's conjecture. Slides pdf.

Title of lecture : Recognizable sets of graphs, hypergraphs and relational structures : a survey. Overview published in the Proceedings. M16 Slides pdf.

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Full article : see M Paper in the proceedings, Lec. September Title : Diagonal walks on plane graphs, Gauss words and local duality , Slides of the lecture. See above T S29 : Survey seminar presented in Chennai , December : Graph structuring and monadic second-order logic , Slides. Twigg, Cambridge , UK , Final version : 15 pages the version in proceedings is reduced to 12 pages.

See A1 above for references. Title : Forbidden set labelling in graphs.

International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education

Extended abstract. Title : Monadic second-order queries on graphs : Vertex labelling for efficient evaluation and linear delay enumeration. Proceedings edited by H. Broesma et al. Slides 53 pages. Notes written by F.

Breuer, H. Dell, B.

  1. Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God?
  2. The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4, Fascicle 2.
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  4. Ingeniería de Resiliencia Aplicada para la Disminución de la Vulnerabilidad en el Sistema Hidráulico de la Ciudad de México (Spanish Edition).
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  6. Laubner, R. Urner 23 pages, thanks to them. Aachen , December. Short title : Verification of graph properties using short labels. Editors: Katona , Gyula O. Discrete Mathematics and theoretical computer science are closely linked research areas with strong impacts on applications and various other scientific disciplines. Both fields deeply cross fertilize each other. It was a real fete of combinatorics and computer science. Some of these plenary speakers submitted their research or survey papers prior to the conferences.