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New arrivals. Earth Awakened Rae Morgan December 28, Add to Wishlist. Ultimate love confronts ultimate evil as events unfold with the power to reshape the landscape forever. Will Mother Earth survive as Talisman and Protector discover the ultimate passion and power they share when mated? Keepers and Protectors join together to control the power unleashed against Mother Earth. Struggling to stop an earthquake threatening to split North America in half, she is aided by Carr Madoc, the Protector-Consort chosen to guard and strengthen her.

He simply knows the only way to give her the energy she needs to survive is to make her his Dire is also stuck at ground zero of a Y2K disaster zone with assassins on her tail and gangs left and right. In a corrupt society when the lights goes out, will Dire survive what crawls out from the shadows? Lycans, witches and wizards, oh my! This has a lot of the standard were-whatever themes, including a small harem, but the plot and characters are pretty well worked out - if not very complicated.

In fact if it wasn't for the sexy-times stuff I'd say it would make a good young adult series. There's a small LitRPG element and the 'magic is maths' actually magic is computing trope makes an appearance. Overall I'll probably read the next one in the series, but I don't know if I'll make it all the way to book ten. So if he gets one more wife for each book, he'll have 11 by the end of the series. Just something to think about.

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This book the hero of the series gets his brain in gear and starts taking action not just reacting. There's a bit more nuance to situation with people taking sides and information spreading. They lycans are watching, waiting, and sharpening their claws. Figuratively, and possibly literally.

Meanwhile the protagonist is led on a treasure-hunt for his father's missing legacy. Last edited: Oct 3, This post is dedicated to that goshdarn long harem were-lion series. So if you're not into that, you can skip it. Next post will have at least two books from elsewhere reviewed so you can come back then. No extra wife this book. He still manages to increase the size of his family, though. There's fights, fires and betrayal this time around. The protagonist still has to find time to make anti-silver widgets in the midst of all this as well as taking the fight to the opposition.

One extra wife this time a bit of a non-event , and a lover from the previous book retrospectively added to the wife count. Our hero is escalating hard, but so are his enemies.

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The mystical Lion stuff that was revealed in the previous book is examined in more detail. There is also the return of the mysterious assassin that killed his father years ago. My personal opinion, but one sexy wife is good, two is possibly enviable, but from three up you have to wonder how he has time left to eat never-mind fight. Sean is running a village worth of lycans by now, directly or indirectly.

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He still hasn't learned how to buy places without leaving his name in the documentation and it's still causing him grief. Maybe he'll get it for next book. Watch out for the cliffhanger, btw. Sean spends the first half of the book as Mr Dead, but still has time to get another wife pregnant later. We get to see some of the other characters take the lead spot while he's comatose.

Measure of a Man

There is a whole bit with gathering healers to save his life, I suppose I shouldn't say how that ends spoilers but it probably isn't how you think. Overall a bunch of lose ends were wrapped up, and our impetuous hero is left with some major stat penalties from his recklessness in the last book. I found this book a bit weaker than previous works in the series.

The challenge rating of the opposition was lacking. It's the first book in a new arc, so perhaps that's why. It wasn't a roflstomp but Sean had the initiative and there were no huge surprises. Last book it was mentioned that he had some serious left-over debuff from his near death experience. After that initial mention, it never comes up again. Overall the LitRPG element appears to be a weak tack-on that the series would have been better off without.

This is, incidentally, the second whole book without gaining a harem member. Maybe six is actually enough? One for each day of the week and on Sunday he rests. There were a few cool moments and Rachel is a neat new character. Sometimes in harem fics it's like only the hero gets to get laid.

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Last edited: Oct 4, I think the main character now has the full set of six wives in the family way. In seven to eight month's time it will be interesting to see how he copes with 6 x hormonal and heavily pregnant mates. That may be his most difficult challenge yet. Back to the present and this book is a decent read. He doesn't face any super difficult challenges, the opposition is still on the back foot, but there are some good character pieces centering on some of the more redeemable of the bad guys.

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Oh, yes, and also the government is NOT incompetent! I know. I was surprised too. A lot happens in this one, there's some ominous rumblings at the end and can the CIA be trusted? Sean uses some of the logical consequences of his much earlier magical discoveries to make a gadget that proves rather effective. Too effective for the US government to feel comfortable. Actually, he could bankrupt the oil business and slash electricity prices - but he's too busy freeing werewolves and getting laid.

This marks the end of the second arc. Things are coming to a head, will the lycanthropes of the USA be celebrating their Independence Day in freedom? This is one of the stronger books in the series, possibly because the threat isn't pointed squarely at the hero this time.

This also marks the first book in the series when he has neither gained a wife, nor a potential offspring. Sadly, he never did get enough wives to have a full women's soccer team. Although he could field a five-a-side team with one on the bench.

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Seasoned Adventurer Rating: 3 out of 5 stars " Stealth harem fic. I was a bit harem'ed out, so this book was supposed to be a change. However it turns out that by chapter seven the protagonist is just about to get two wives. The characters feel rather flat and the premise as a whole looks like a more wholesome version of Re:Monster with the 'get powers by eating your enemies' ability.