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Another possibility, however, is that job options do not match educational attainment. There just may not be enough jobs that require, and make use of, the additional education people have obtained. A look at some types of jobs filled by overeducated NLSY respondents suggests that this is an important factor in the observed overqualification. Both are examples of occupations that classify as requiring no formal educational credentials and are unlikely to provide long-term satisfaction or occupation advancement to those with advanced degrees. Meanwhile, many jobs requiring a high school diploma show significant penetration by holders of college degrees.

For example, percent of eligibility interviewers for government programs in the cohort have BAs or higher, although BLS classifies the job as not requiring a degree.

Signs You May Be Overqualified for a Job, and How to Handle It | FlexJobs

This is an alarming reality for college-educated millennials, who may find themselves competing with others who have more advanced degrees. For older millennials, such as the NLSY cohort, the recession likely played a role in this college surplus. The Pew Research Center found that unstable job markets encouraged young adults to go back to school or pursue more advanced degrees, effectively prolonging their college career.

This is regardless of the fact that college has continued to become relatively more expensive—from to , the Consumer Price Index for college tuition has grown at an annual rate of 4. We previously studied the same NLSY cohort and found that occupation type matters more for pay than a degree. Our studies raise some significant questions about the value of a generic college degree.

Signs You May Be Overqualified for a Job, and How to Handle It

We have to wonder whether the push to pursue a degree, or an advanced degree, is always good advice. She is based in Arlington, Virginia. View in article. The Deloitte Global Economist Network is a diverse group of economists that produce relevant, interesting and thought-provoking content for external and internal audiences.

Job Interview Tip: How to Answer You're Overqualified for Job

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Millennials: The overqualified workforce has been removed from your bookmarks. An article titled Millennials: The overqualified workforce already exists in the bookmark library. Social login not available on Microsoft Edge browser at this time. Welcome back. Still not a member? Join My Deloitte. Millennials: The overqualified workforce By Dr. Tiffany Schleeter , Dr. Daniel Bachman. Article 6 minute read 30 January Tiffany Schleeter United States. Daniel Bachman United States. Author Dr. Acknowledgments Cover image by: Emily Moreano. View in article Show more Show less.

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Deloitte Global Economist Network The Deloitte Global Economist Network is a diverse group of economists that produce relevant, interesting and thought-provoking content for external and internal audiences. There are three categories hiring managers use to group overqualified applicants, according to New York-based Jonathan Mazzocchi, a managing director and partner with Massachusetts-based executive recruiting firm WinterWyman.

First: the candidate has too many years of experience so therefore the role is too junior.

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Think of your CV as a marketing tool. Just keep the facts accurate. For example, remove the first 10 years of experience, along with education dates. An excess of education is quite common, according to a study by the global Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Almost one in three workers in the UK and Japan said they had more education than was necessary to qualify for their current jobs, and in the US, one in five said the same. Use your interview to explain any of the omitted information and give your pitch on why you would be a perfect match for the role, said Mazzocchi.

It should match what you leave on your CV. Accountants should call the accounting manager or the controller, Beshara suggested.

Salespeople could reach out call the sales manager or vice president of sales. Call the engineering manager.

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The idea is to call the person who has the most immediate need, Beshara said. If you must go through human resources, Beshara recommends editing your CV to fit the position. A major concern for employers is whether boredom will set in for someone with a lot of experience. If necessary, spell it out.