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For those not quite ready to handle the 5K race, there is an option to participate in the 1 mile run. Online registration closes around May 25, Strollers MUST start at the back and be careful not to impede other participants. There should be plenty of parking space in the lot surrounding Sierra Parkway. However, cars leaving while the race is still in progress must proceed with caution. Follow instruction of any course monitors or parking volunteers. All rights reserved. Go Premium. Need Help? Learn More Customer Login.

Registration is unavailable Check activity website for registration details. This event has ended. Registration not open yet. Register Now. Online registration is closed Please check the event website for more details. Heats Women's only 5K race Competitive - am start We will have a separate heat for women this year. All Comer's 5K all genders - am start This heat is open to runners, joggers, and walkers of all abilities. Community 1 mile Run- am start For those not quite ready to handle the 5K race, there is an option to participate in the 1 mile run.

Other Information The race will take place rain or shine.

Nanoblade takes down New York. They delayed them for a bit, but New York are through the blast doors. One chance for New York Excelsior. The reverse sweep is there for the taking. For Fusion, they've had two chances already to take the Stage 2 title.

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Will they waste a third? The hero dragonblade from Eqo allows Fusion to keep their attack alive. But it's going to erupt. Just a metre before Point B, New York stabilise. Fusion are coming back with a valkyrie though. That was quick. Game on Now NYXL are the ones running something different to normal, and it's not working for them either. Fusion on the attack with Tracer, Zen, Winston, D.

Map 5: Watchpoint: Gibraltar Escort. One map. All the marbles. New York Excelsior 2 - 2 Philadelphia Fusion. We're onto map 5. Ultimate power - New York take Point A. New York made the most of pulse bomb, dragonblade, and transcendence, and they're on the move with the payload Four minutes to push it 37m.

Fusion are being aggressive on the defense here. It's risky, but working so far. He's turned up to the fight in the last two maps, and he's getting those picks he's known for. They break through eventually though, and Neptuno manages to hang on to sound barrier He doesn't get good use out of it though, and he's over to Mercy instead. New York are defending with an anti-dive comp. SBB's back on Roadhog. Philadelphia Fusion 1 - 2 New York Excelsior. The players look happy after that one. They're down, but not out. He gets the best of Carpe there, but Fusion were already on the retreat.

Map 3: Volskaya Industries Assault. Va, Zenyatta, Mercy, and Widowmaker Philly are going with the same. They absolutely can turn it around. But will they? Philadelphia Fusion 2 - 0 New York Excelsior.


But no! Fusion take it back at the death and New York can't get back in time. Fusion took the point first, but New York take it right back and they're putting up a strong forward defense here Poko finally picks up a massive graviton surge after many failed attempts against Spitfire, and Fusion flip it in their favour just in time Meko comes back with a big one of his own, and New York are on their way to a win.

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Control is probably New York's weakest map type, if you can say they have any weaknesses. Perhaps Philadelphia Fusion is their weakness. Fusion haven't even tweeted anything yet after that map win. Even they're in shock. Philadelphia Fusion 1 - 0 New York Excelsior. Let me know so I can sort out next week's lottery numbers. Not much resistance there from Fusion, and New York roll it through. We're rolling back the clock here right Junkrat and Mercy compositions from New York. He may have been nerfed, but he still puts out a ton of damage. New York went with anti-dive, but Fusion patiently pushed through.

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Pretty quickly too. Fusion just played this map 20 mins ago, which they won't be complaining about at all Boombox got a little twitchy on the ult finger though, and wastes trans. Fusion on the attack. Another thing to think about: Are Philly tired after playing five maps against Spitfire? New York will have been practicing all day, but not on the big stage. This will be interesting.

Overwatch League Stage 2 playoffs, RESULT: New York Excelsior win

Disappointment from the owner of the Spitfire. Philadelphia Fusion takes down London Spitfire , and they're going to the Stage 2 finals! They're going to be facing New York Excelsior in the final. Another overtime take there. London are running this so close, and Fusion have ults coming. It's a mirror match in terms of heroes.

Who's going to pull off dive better? This match is swinging like a pendulum. Philly take Point A after what seemed like a 3 minute long brawl. London Spitfire 2 - 2 Philadelphia Fusion. We're going to Route 66, which Spitfire haven't lost on all season. Now that's a defense. Spitfire will be feeling it now. Poko's grav gets eaten again! That could be it. Well, that was even quicker.