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The Japanese Version goes beyond the stereotypical images of Japan that are too often presented to Americans, and asks the questions: What happens to Western cultural ideas and objects when they are placed in a new setting? How have the Japanese navigated the flood of foreign influences that has been inundating their culture for a thousand years?

With its series of entertaining yet revealing sequences, The Japanese Version is truly a cross-cultural surprise, as well as a warm and funny portrait of Japan today. The perfect orientation program for Japan-bound executives, teachers, students, and general travelers.

Appropriate for Asian studies, anthropology, American studies, multicultural curricula, and for any audience that wants to understand more about contemporary Japan. Principal Advisors: David W.


The Japanese Version was supported by grants from the Japan-U. Friendship Commission, the Japan-U. Log in. Social Sciences. Instructional Films and Lessons. Staff Picks. Please enable Javascript to use Kanopy! Show me how. The Center for New American Media.

The Japanese Version

Here are some of the scenes included in The Japanese Version: -An overview of how the Japanese have adapted foreign influences throughout their history. The Japanese Version is an ideal teaching tool for both schools and businesses. A valuable up-to-date complement to books and films dealing with classical Japanese culture. An entertaining testimonial to the warmth and humor of Japanese popular culture.

A rewarding employee-education tool for US-based Japanese companies with American employees. Running Time.

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Leaving home is what most of us do -- eventually. It's different for Renu.


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But the beef salad is the best. Spicy, sour, fresh, I find myself sneaking back to my fridge to have just one more morsel. It truly pained me to have to skip all this for my review, but in good conscience I thought it only responsible to test my own theory in advance of publication. I ordered three dishes, plus Tom Khaa Kai a coconut chicken soup and sate. A squid with Thai basil dish had some heat, but little else to recommend it, and the chicken and vermicelli salad, while nicely doused in vinegar, was otherwise unremarkable.

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