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Conrad Fenris actually Valack in glamour promising her Lydia will be taken care of. In "The Sword and the Spirit", Natalie maintains her belief that Lydia is save at Eichen House and that she's being prepped for legal and medical electroshock therapy, in spite of Stiles' protests. In "Amplification", Stilinski visits Natalie over Lydia's situation.

Stilinski rebukes her insistence for rational explanations handing her a folder. Inside are photos from Deaton displaying Valack's trepanation experimentation at Eichen House and Melissa's police statement to Stilinski detailing the supernatural.

This game contains examples of:

Natalie is left unnerved and horrified. She visits Eichen House buzzing, requesting to see her daughter.

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She finds guards mauled, the institution goes into lockdown and has a determined look in her eye as she picks up an electrical prod. Natalie shocks the emotionless Chimera, and drops all her denial and willful ignorance demanding that "someone please get her daughter out of this hellhole. Natalie shows herself to a surprised Lydia and embraces her daughter. In the season 6 premiere "Memory Lost", Natalie prevents Scott and Stiles from skipping class as Scott already has 38 missed classes, explaining to the two of them that they can protect the town at , after school ends.

That night, when a body is found at the school, she runs into Stiles, but she doesn't seem to know him, as if they had never met. In "Superposition", Natalie enters Lydia's room after hearing her scream. Lydia explains that she saw a train passing through her room but Natalie thinks it was a nightmare.

In "Sundowning", Natalie allows Malia to make up her test inside her office. When Malia becomes stressed, Natalie suggests that Malia relax by breathing in. However, this doesn't work as Malia shifts into her coyote form and leaves the office. In "Relics", Natalie confronts Lydia about tearing the wallpaper off the wall at the Stilinski house. She then discovers that Lydia is checking into Claudia's past.

Natalie has known Claudia since they were teenagers and she trusts her. In "Heartless", Natalie finds Lydia lying in bed, deep in thought. She asks Lydia what she's thinking about. Lydia tells her about Caleb, how his mum Lenore conjured him to fill the void.

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Lydia believes the Sheriff is doing the same with Claudia. Natalie is skeptical about this and tells Lydia that if it's true, she shouldn't be the one to tell the Sheriff. In "Memory Found", Natalie's voice is heard in one of Lydia's flashbacks while under hypnosis. In Season 2, Danny helps Jackson recover lost footage from his camera which Jackson shot for his first full moon transformation with Jackson's instruction not to watch the footage.

He manages to do so with help from Matt Daehler whom he is attracted to. He doesn't act on his attraction because Matt's into Allison. In "Frenemy", he is shown to be depressed over his break-up with his ex-boyfriend at the gay club, Jungle. Presumably, because the Kanima's Master wanted to remove any evidence, Danny is attacked at the club, but is only paralyzed by the Kanima and the footage Danny recovered from Jackson's video has vanished.

In the episode, "Battlefield", he is warned by Jackson to not get anywhere near him during the lacrosse finals game, most likely because Jackson is somehow aware he is the Kanima and is killing people. In Season 3, Danny develops an interest in Ethan, one of the Alpha pack, [3] unaware that Ethan was originally using him to get leverage on Scott. Although Danny doesn't realize it, his relationship with Ethan softens the werewolf to the point where he is willing to change for the better going as far as meeting Scott and Stiles halfway.

In episode 7 "Currents", Danny is lethally poisoned with mistletoe by the Darach and his lung collapses.

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  8. Ethan, obviously excessively worried about Danny, helps him to the hospital, where Melissa McCall saves his life using a needle thoracostomy. It's revealed Danny was targeted by the Darach because he did a project on telluric currents which were placed on the locations of where the Darach was sacrificing his victims. Despite the fact that Ethan was only supposed to manipulate Danny's feelings to gain information, as Aiden had been assigned to do with Lydia, he eventually fell in love with Danny and is shown to have several tender moments with him.

    However, in season 3B, after their separation and Ethan and Aiden later decide to re-enroll in high school, Danny is shown making out with Damon, his ex, which Ethan is clearly upset about, to Aiden's amusement. In "Illuminated", because of the power outage, Danny wants to hold a black light party, but is cut down.

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    Ethan and Aiden help him out by acquiring a power generator and letting him use Derek's loft for the party. Danny is very pleased with the results and bonds with Ethan again. In "Letharia Vulpina", Danny is seen with the cross country team on the track where traps are laid by the Nogitsune and Ethan tackles him to protect him and says he missed Danny and proceeds to make out with him. When Coach Finstock is shot by an arrow triggered by a trip wire, Danny looks on while Ethan stays protectively beside him.

    Danny lets Ethan down gently, breaking up with him instead, saying that while he likes Ethan, he can't date a werewolf - Danny was aware of the supernatural all along, to Ethan's surprise. Ethan gives Danny a kiss goodbye.

    Unlike Argent, Kate is bloodthirsty, deadly and cruel, taking pleasure in hurting any werewolf she can. Kate is also very rife with sexual innuendo, using her sexuality to her advantage. Kate was responsible for orchestrating the Hale Fire, murdering Derek Hale's family six years previously. Despite her being a sadist, Kate is close to her niece Allison, whom she gives a necklace which depicts a wolf for her 17th birthday in "The Tell". Kate is revealed to have been the woman who got chemistry teacher Adrian Harris intoxicated at a bar and had him reveal to her how to start a fire "and get away with arson" as Harris relayed to Sheriff Stilinski in "Wolf's Bane".

    However Harris also drew him a necklace he saw Kate wearing that night, the same necklace she gave to Allison. In "Formality", Kate reveals the supernatural to Allison by showing her a captured Derek in werewolf. In the past, Kate also had a sexual relationship with a younger Derek Hale simply to track down the Hale Pack and set their house on fire. In the Season 1 finale, Kate lies to Allison that all werewolves are monsters and entices Allison to join her in the hunt for Derek and Scott after it is discovered Scott is the other Beta werewolf.

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    She nearly executes Scott, but Argent stops her, confronting her about her involvement in the Hale fire and threatens to shoot her if she doesn't lower her gun. Peter Hale, the Alpha werewolf arrives at that moment and takes everyone down before capturing Kate. Peter demands Kate apologize for decimating his family if she wants to save Allison. Though faced with death, Kate apologizes only to Allison.


    Kate is later killed by Peter as revenge for the Hale Fire, slashing her throat. After Peter Hale is killed, the necklace is left on Kate's corpse as evidence for her part in the arson. In the Season 3 finale, it is revealed Kate survived Peter's attempt on her life. She appears and attacks a team of the Calavera hunters in Derek's loft before shooting Derek himself and abducting him.

    Kate had become supernatural as she transforms into a shapeshifter, a werejaguar, because Peter had slashed her throat. It's depicted in flashbacks Kate's body had begun to heal after she was killed with Peter's claws: she was coming back to life. The Calavera hunters inconspicuously came to check if Kate was really dead and saw her transforming instead.

    They switched out Kate's body from the morgue and took her to Mexico.

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    They demanded Kate kill herself to follow the Hunter's Code. Instead Kate faked her suicide, and when the hunters inspected her, she killed half a dozen of Araya's men and escaped. Kate lacked control over her shapeshifting, leaving a trail of bodies behind her.