Guide The Caulkers of Sierra Leone: The Story of a Ruling Family and Their Times

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This was a slave trading center on the Sherbro River. While working in the Sherbro region, he married a daughter of a Sherbro chief. Her father ruled on the shore of the Yawry Bay according to Bulom oral tradition. The couple had two sons, Robin and Stephen. On a business trip to England, he died at his birthplace of Falmouth in and was buried there. His sons, Robin and Stephen Corker, inherited their mother's chiefdom; they used their English ancestry to build influence with other early traders in the region.

The Crown opened up the slave trade beyond the RAC, and the family became influential in and wealthy from it well into the nineteenth century. The family may have intermarried in the eighteenth century and later with descendants of Skinner Caulker, an English man known to have settled in the region in the mid-eighteenth century, as did James Cleveland. Both also married local women and had descendants who competed for power in the region.

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By the nineteenth century, the family was known as the Caulkers. Today most of the Caulker descendants live in the towns of Bonthe and Shenge in the Moyamba District , where the Sherbro are concentrated.

The clan still maintains its oral and written testimony about its English ancestor, Thomas Corker. Corker was memorialized by a Baroque marble and freestone monument at the Church of King Charles the Martyr, Falmouth, where he had been baptized as a child. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sierra Leone

Retrieved 24 May Retrieved 16 January Historic England. Ahmadiyya Islamic Secondary School students. Primary school students got 2 uniforms each. Word is getting out to Bumpeh Chiefdom families about the Newborn Baby program. Kadijatu Kamara seen here presented herself to me with one-week-old Sheikfuad.

Big thanks go out to all Sherbro Foundation donors. It was you who made that happen and you who helped save lives. It was a great trip back to Sierra Leone — my first in two years. All our projects are moving forward. Our local partner the Center for Community Empowerment and Transformation mapped out big plans for that we are excited to assist them with.

Look for more news here soon.

Bunce Island, Sierra Leone River

They also gathered for candlelight vigils, according to news reports, to remember the nearly 4, people killed by the vicious virus since May Among them were health workers, who died trying to save others. But the impacts of the Ebola crisis are far from over. The economy, already weakened by a decade-long civil war, has been crippled. Foreign mining companies and other investors packed up and left.

Farms had to be abandoned. People across the country are hungry. There are an estimated 12, orphans.

Sierra Leone

The country must be vigilant against new outbreaks — neighboring Liberia has been declared Ebola-free twice and Guinea saw several new cases in recent weeks. Sherbro Foundation intends to be there for them. You can be a part of the recovery. Go to: SherbroFoundation. But in Bumpeh Chiefdom in rural Sierra Leone, new parents are banking on it. Our grassroots partner, the Center for Community Empowerment and Transformation CCET , is reaching places foreign aid — or even government funding — never reach. Paramount Chief Caulker with Bumpeh Chiefdom village children. The chiefdom is creating a living trust fund for the next generation by planting trees.

In a country devastated by both the Ebola virus and a long civil war, the wait is endless. He and CCET organized a major fruit tree planting project for the chiefdom, trees raised themselves from seed. Families will reap their bounty for years to come. CCET plans to expand their tree nurseries — already boasting 40, seedlings — to sell to local farmers, too.

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This will generate income for the program to become self-sufficient. You can help — donate here. Without education, children are born into poverty and never escape. The post-Ebola economic crisis has made getting an education even harder. We also open a bank account for the child, paying the minimum balance. Parents learn a culture of saving for the future — and gain a living safety net.

To make every child count, we are helping the chiefdom start a birth registry.