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Reminded me a lot of childhood, and little adventures. My first impression, was of mystery perhaps even a Grand adventure with many rules and hidden secretes.

But then I found myself chuckling and grinning. I like the narrators point of view and train of thought, I thought it was pretty realistic and mature for a child's one, but then I just wanted to get to know Naomi better. I wanted to know why she thinks that way, and why everybody around her thinks too.

But I liked it that way, you can't just accept to get to know everybody and understand them in just pages!! Lovely, I would definitely recommend!! Library Search. Log in.

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Sharon Creech. Just like that. Naomi and Lizzie also find an unexpected connection to each other.

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When they open some old trunks that had been stored for years in the barn, they discover that Lizzie's deceased mother was the one who had cared for Naomi when she was attacked by a dog, years before Lizzie and Naomi had even met. At the same time as Naomi and Lizzie are getting to know the enchanting "Finn boy" and learning a little bit about themselves, across the ocean in Ireland, a concurrent story is unfolding in which an older woman, Sybil, reflects on her own unrequited love and seems to ponder her revenge.

How are the two stories related?

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Oh, in so many intricate and meticulously crafted ways, like the fact that spoiler alert! Sybil is actually Nula's estranged sister and they had both long ago fallen in love with a boy named Finn! There are quite a few quirky characters to remember, but even those mentioned only briefly manage to take form and spring to life.

Book Review: The Great Unexpected by Sharon Creech |

In addition, Sharon Creech's beautiful prose creates a soothing, lilting rhythm that feels something like gliding across the waves on a boat, as it drifts steadily toward shore. The magical elements blend seamlessly with reality, and the story raises some interesting ideas about life, love, family and relationships.

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The Great Unexpected by Sharon Creech - review

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