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This piece helped in the "Poe's Legacy" page of the project and gave information that many other sources failed to mention. This is a newspaper article and therefore it is a primary source. University of Virginia Library. This picture of Poe's desk is a highlight of the Poe exhibit. This is the place where his works were born and it holds as many mysteries as the man who worked at it.

This is a primary source as it is an artifact. Secondary Poetry Foundation. This source provided a basis for Poe's influence on 19th Century European literature as well as explains his ability to control his technique and diction in order to inspire other artists and authors. This article strengthened my understanding of how large Poe's impact on the world was and enabled me to branch out my knowledge and look into other influences of his not just in literature.

This is a secondary source due to its biographic features not authored by Poe himself. This page of the University of Virginia's Library explains the legacy of Edgar Allan Poe and emphasizes the inspiration he caused within his peers and admirers. As a result, the page references in the notes, for items on pages are off by one page. Poe Philadelphia: William H. This set was later reprinted by New York: A. Willis 2 volumes bound as one, Leipzig: Alphons Durr, Karl Elze.

Griswold — if these pages should ever meet his eye — will certainly pardon the present editor for having ventured thus to tone down a highly colored picture of one of the most gifted poets of America.

The Works of Edgar Allan Poe , 8 vols. London: J. Lowell , New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, n. They are selected from the edition of New York: University Publishing, Black, This volume has since been reprinted several times. Knopf, Selected Poetry and Prose , edited by T.

Mabbott , New York: Modern, Poetry and Tales , edited by Patrick F. Some Miscellaneous Items:. Prescott , New York: Henry Holt, Spannuth, with introduction and commentary by T. Mabbott as not being by Poe. Hough , Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, Miniature Books:. None of these books carry a date, so all are generally noted as A minimum order was 20 books.

By , the series had expanded to over 2, titles. The price was later raised to cents each. A leather book cover was available for cents.

In later editions, the plain covers featuring only simple text were replaced with illustrated ones. The editor for the series was Emanuel Haldeman-Julius , a controversial figure who published books on a variety of radical subjects, socialism and the KKK.

In addition to these items, he included others on agriculture and farming, health and hygiene, self-improvement, history, religion and psychology. He also published a large number of works of great literature both to establish credibility and perhaps with a genuine interest in making such writings available and affordable to everyone. Lilly Library at the University of Indiana. Includes S. Found in a Bottle. At some point, this booklet seems to have been called Tales Grotesque and Amusing. Hass, Inc. Covers appear in suede, leather in various colors, green leatherette also in brown and red , and red leather with gold lettering.

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Some of these carry embossed labels, while others are merely stamped. There was even a volume Bible. Some Special Illustrated Editions:.

The illustrators are not identified. This edition includes an introductory essay by James Hannay and illustrations by E. Wehnert, James Godwin, F. Hume and Harrison Weir. This edition includes illustrations by F. Darley, Jasper Cropsey, P. Duggan, Percival Kelton and A. This is edition includes the classic illustrations by Gustave Dore. Dore, who was best known for his Bible illustrations, is arguably the most famous illustrator of the 19th century.

This volume was his last commission.

Although the imprint date reads , the book was issued about November 3, , in anticipation of the holiday season. The beautiful title page was designed by Elihu Vedder, and the cover, featuring an angel with broad wings and holding a candle, was designed by Dora Wheeler, later Dora Wheeler Keith. This edition contains glorious art-deco illustrations by W.

Heath Robinson. Robinson was only about 28 years old at the time. This famous and frequently copied collection features elaborate illustrations by Harry Clarke. The original edition comprised 24 black and white illustrations, plus front cover and spine illustration and 10 decorative tailpieces. The book was so well received that it was reissued in with 8 additional illustrations in full color. It was reprinted in New York by Tudor in , , and These illustrations have been reprinted numerous times, most notably in London by Chancellor Press in This edition includes the famous illustrations by Edmund Dulac.

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These have since been reprinted several times, including one from around in New York by George H. Doran, n. Harrap and Co. This edition includes illustrations by Aurthur Rackham. These have since been reprinted several times. The first edition was issued as numbered copies, signed by the artist. Some Non-English Language Editions:.

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Borghers, Alphonse, trans. Hachete, French Baudelaire, Charles, trans. The Celestial Railroad. How to Fail in Literature; a lecture. Andrew Lang. George Iles. The Man of Letters as a Man of Business. William Dean Howells. James M. Study Guide Poe's Short Stories. Carla Aira. Sherwin Cody. Catharine Maria Sedgwick. The Tell-Tale Heart. Laurence Hutton.

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Louise Rutledge. Edgar Allan Poe Analyzes Handwriting. Little Masterpieces of Autobiography: Actors. The Marketing of Edgar Allan Poe. Jonathan Hartmann.

The Raven: Angel Footfalls

The Poetic Principle. John C. Gary Clemons. Thorsten Klein. Bartleby, the Scrivener.