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Did Pharaoh Sheshonq Attack Jerusalem?

Furthermore, the context of these monuments are anything but naive displays of grandeur--they were erected to demonstrate the triumph of the victor over the conquered. What is most fascinating is the original Roman Arch of Triumph full Finally, a work that places antiquity's Triumphal Arches in the context of their origins and why this is not only history past but present. What is most fascinating is the original Roman Arch of Triumph fully developed by General Titus to commemorate the Roman Empire's victory over Judea and the commencement of the diaspora of the Jews circa 70 AD.

The authors "connect the dots" whereby the Kingdoms of the World under the "Bondage of Egypt" from whence Israel's First Exodus took place have been at deliberate odds with the Kingdom of God. The Second Exodus - the Greater Exodus culminates at the "end of the age" in which "God's Elect" from both Israel, primarily the House of Judah, and "those called out from among the Gentiles" - that "multitude among the nations" which is prophetically labeled the "Fullness of the Gentiles" - reach their zenith.

Indeed, this is not an abhorrent teaching found within British Israelism or a Noahide derivative--or for that matter, for those in the know, some form of Hebrew Roots. No, this is the eternal purpose of the Almighty who purposed through His Messiah, the Deliverer Who shall come "out of Zion" to rescue His ancient people and those brought into the "Commonwealth of Israel again, those from among the nations--the Gentiles--a "people for His Name" AND to make of these "two house" - these "two sticks" - one nation, one peculiar people - distinct but not separated for eternity!

Yes, this is an intense commentary based of extensive biblical passages which confirm the New Covenant and its Everlasting Covenant of Peace between these two which was won in atonement at the Cross nigh 2, years ago - but, as the reader shall discover, the "enemy of our souls" has heretofore kept the "faithful son" and the "prodigal son" - jealous and apart, the one from the other--but the Father desires there to be but One House. Even so, Messiah came to the "lost sheep of the House of Israel" - but did He not say: "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold, them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice, and there will be one flock and and one shepherd" John ?

Those with a Jewish background should read this text with intense interest--Christians who have heretofore dismissed such insights do well to consider the major theological issues raised as a result of these discoveries and why they confront us at this most critical time in world history. The authors have generously illustrated the text to substantiate its contents and have prepared an exhaustive Scripture Reference Index, as well as an Exhaustive Subject Index and Bibliography.

Authors Schafer and Krieger realize the subject matter is NOT for general consumption; however, with the outbreak of "Biblical Zionism"--the prophetic fulfillment of the Jews returning to Eretz Israel the Land of Israel and Christians of goodwill who know that their relationship with this prophetic fulfillment brings the world close to the Messianic age and the "final redemption" - then ought not there to be greater light from the pages of this Book of book by the very "people of the book" wherein it is said in "The Scripture of Truth" Daniel : "But you, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the Book until the time of the end.

The Pillar of Fire; or, Israel in Bondage by Ingraham, J. H.

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Knohl posited in a book published in the idea of a suffering messiah before Jesus, using a variety of rabbinic and early apocalyptic literature as well as the Dead Sea Scrolls. But his theory did not shake the world of Christology as he had hoped, partly because he had no textual evidence from before Jesus. As he notes, after the death of Herod, Jewish rebels sought to throw off the yoke of the Rome-supported monarchy, so the rise of a major Jewish independence fighter could take on messianic overtones.

View all New York Times newsletters. In Mr. Knohl contends. To make his case about the importance of the stone, Mr. Elitzur, but Mr. It has an unusual spelling, but it is one in keeping with the era. Two more hard-to-read words come later, and Mr. To whom is the archangel speaking? He says further that such a suffering messiah is very different from the traditional Jewish image of the messiah as a triumphal, powerful descendant of King David.

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What happens in the New Testament was adopted by Jesus and his followers based on an earlier messiah story. Moshe Bar-Asher, president of the Israeli Academy of Hebrew Language and emeritus professor of Hebrew and Aramaic at the Hebrew University, said he spent a long time studying the text and considered it authentic, dating from no later than the first century B.

His page paper on the stone will be published in the coming months. Regarding Mr. Bar-Asher is also respectful but cautious. Knohl said that it was less important whether Simon was the messiah of the stone than the fact that it strongly suggested that a savior who died and rose after three days was an established concept at the time of Jesus.

He notes that in the Gospels, Jesus makes numerous predictions of his suffering and New Testament scholars say such predictions must have been written in by later followers because there was no such idea present in his day. Knohl said. This is the conscious view of Jesus himself. This gives the Last Supper an absolutely different meaning. To shed blood is not for the sins of people but to bring redemption to Israel. Tell us what you think.

The Triumphal Entry - Part Four

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What Music might Moses have heard as a Child in Egypt?

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