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Having gone their separate ways, you might worry we'll have to come up with a new title for this book - but don't, because the Doctor Doom's evil machinations will reunite Marvel's first family for its issue extravaganza! Johnny Storm's hotrod racing, the Thing's demon bashing, Sue's dalliances with Namor and Reed's soul searching culminate in a massive five-part saga that pits the FF against its nemesis in the series' greatest tradition!

Who is Doom's son? How does he have the FF's powers? It's a fight to the finish in Latveria! Also featuring Quasimodo the Living Computer, an outer-space adventure with the Inhumans and the return of the Mole Man! Collecting Fantastic Four and Annual In their latest, greatest Marvel Masterworks, the Fantastic Four confront one of their oldest enemies: the Skrulls! And they'll have to do it as their older selves after an aging weapon advances them to death's door! How could it not be when the world-devourer Galactus enters the fray with a new herald?

As if that weren't enough, the cosmic Sphinx, scheming Monocle, combustible Blastaar, formidable Frightful Four and diabolical Salem's Seven keep the scope epic, the stakes absolute and you on the edge of your seat! And H. He's just keeping it real. The Fantastic Four has always been the home for Marvel's biggest ideas and most creative concepts. Giant monsters invade New York!

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A possessed Franklin Richards threatens all reality with his immeasurable power! Doctor Doom retakes Latveria! A lost race of technologically advanced Vikings, powered by a blind god's tears, needs the FF's aid! And a trip to the great outdoors ain't no picnic when alien brain parasites attack! Chris Claremont made the X-Men a global sensation and the Marvel Masterworks are once again proud to present his tales of honor, prejudice, evolution and perseverance.

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It begins with Wolverine's return to Japan, where the young Kitty Pryde has found herself in over her head with the yakuza. It's an adventure that will change both characters forever!

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Then, in the All-New, All-Different X-Men th issue, a ghost from the team's past confronts them on one of their most devastating moments. Finally, fan-favorite Paul Smith returns for a story with massive implications for the X-Men's future. Secret Warps part 2 - Inferno Attacks! Plus: A bonus tale of the spellbound sisters taking down a ferocious furry femme! Can Poe Dameron outmaneuver one of the galaxy's greatest pilots? The original, classic Dark Shadows books from the Paperback Library return with Hermes Press' archival reprint of all 32 titles in the series beginning with the first novel which first saw print in December, The forerunner to today's immensely popular vampire-themed television programs and theatrical films, Dark Shadows still garners serious attention as one of the most memorable TV shows of the last fifty years.

These reprints will present each installment in the series with its original cover, but, unlike the Paperback Library books will present the titles in a larger 6 inch by 8 inch format, printed on archival paper and bound to be read and enjoyed without cracking or coming unbound. The first book in this reprint series, Dark Shadows , will feature the original painted cover depicting Victoria Winters and the complete text, re-proofed and error free. Secret Empire tie-in! The Chitauri invasion has arrived, and Captain Marvel and Earth's heroes are outnumbered.

Now it's up to the Guardians of the Galaxy to find reinforcements! It's back to school for our double digests! In the brand new story "Don't Test My Patience," Veronica gets the highest score on the student aptitude test-but has there been some tampering with the results? While holiday shopping, Betty and Veronica spot a store Santa who has been abandoned by his elves at the last minute-right before a Take Your Photo with Santa event! Betty convinces Veronica that they should get into the spirit and help out-but when they do, Santa's joy turns quickly to panic as his well-meaning helpers unintentionally cause some Christmas chaos!

Naughty or Nice is a brand new hilarious holiday story you won't want to miss-kicking off a laugh-filled comics annual featuring even more pages of fun! Pointed Satire! Off-color Parody! Bawdy Laffs! An anthology of some of the funniest folks in comics, tipping sacred cows, writing stupid gags, and drawing the ridiculous. This isn't right. The Amazing Spider-Man swings toward his historic th issue! Peter Parker has faced villain after villain during the course of his heroic career, but one moment will forever torment him despite all those victories: the death of his Uncle Ben.

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And now, our hero is struck low when not only does Aunt May die, but also the man who killed Uncle Ben returns! It's a saga that plumbs the emotional depths of Peter Parker's life like no other. As Spidey struggles through his grief, old villains and new faces emerge: The Kingpin returns, the Black Cat makes her first appearance, Mysterio weaves his illusions, Spidey faces Doc Ock in an Annual extravaganza, and a gang war forces a team-up with the Punisher!

Mythic in scope, legendary in renown, the adventures of the mighty Thor are among the greatest that comics has ever seen. When writer Len Wein is joined by all-time great Thor artist Walter Simonson - not to mention John Buscema, an icon in his own right - there's no question that what's in store are Marvel Masterworks!

Odin has disappeared. Their adventures will bring them into conflict with the Grey Gargoyle, the Enchantress and the Executioner, the Destroyer - and, of course, Loki! Also featuring a team-up with the Guardians of the Galaxy against the deadly Korvac! And they kick things off with an all-out slugfest between the Hulk, Man-Thing and the Glob!

It's the kind of relationship that leads to a battle between green hair and green skin!

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Then, in the milestone issue , it's microscopic trip - literally - into the mind of Glenn Talbot! Hulk's return to the heart of the atom brings him back to his love Jarella, but the tragic events that follow drive the Hulk into a berserker rampage! Also featuring the Defenders, the Absorbing Man and a giant-size Annual in which Hulk battles classic Marvel monsters! Collecting Incredible Hulk and Annual 5. Tony Stark is one of the Marvel Universe's most advanced minds and experienced inventors - but those talents are about to be turned against him, shaking him to his core!

In the melee, Happy Hogan dons the Iron Man armor, but suffers severe injuries - leading to a dangerous procedure that will once again turn him into the monstrous Freak! Collecting Iron Man and Annual It begins when the Falcon goes missing in an other-dimensional asylum - that's run by the inmates!

The tale of the Night People and Agron the Unburied One is a tense sci-fi horror thriller unlike any other! When it's all wrapped up in the incomparable power of Kirby's art, you know these are Marvel Masterworks! Collecting Captain America and Annual 4. Bruce Banner's in the big city - and New Yorkers are earning their reputation for not being the friendliest bunch! Then, Hulk heads upstate - straight up, to the S.

Helicarrier - to battle the Bi-Beast! Both brutes are presumed dead in the aftermath of this cataclysmic clash, but will this mean some rare peace for the Hulk? Sadly no, because no man is an island - and when Hulk washes ashore, trouble comes to him in writer Roger Stern's dazzling debut! Collecting Incredible Hulk and Annual 6. Prepare now - the Celestials are coming!

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Roy Thomas and Walter Simonson usher in the era of the Eternals, and it may mean death for all mankind. Thus begins the unbelievable war between gods known as the Celestial Saga! It's a tale that ranks among the greatest Thor adventures of all time, and it's a must-have for Marvel fans! Thor confronts Odin with questions about Ragnarok, his mother and the threat of the Celestials - but the All-Father withholds the truth.

A Thunder God must have answers, and so Thor sets out on a quest that will bring him face-to-face with the Eternals - and the towering Fourth Host of the Celestials! Also featuring the triumvirate of terror that is Loki, Pluto and Ulik; Thor vs.


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Hyperion; and an Asgardian adaptation of the famous Trojan Horse! Collecting Thor and Annual The Micronauts have encountered many strange allies and enemies since they became stranded on Earth, a planet of giants, but perhaps none have been as unexpected as those awaiting them here. As we explore the origins of the various Micronauts, the team encounters a future version of? Are they friend or foe? Explore the origins of some of today's most popular Micronauts characters in this can't-miss annual! My Little Pony: Legends of Magic wraps up in over-sized fashion with this annual!

The Pillars face a new danger that will test their skills as a team and take them one step closer to their fateful final encounter in ancient Equestria! Escape from the Negative Zone! Continued from the X-Men Annual! Steve Rogers goes on an interdimensional rescue mission after the X-Men find themselves imprisoned by Blastaar! But the Negative Zone alien isn't the biggest problem that the 1 Avenger and the X-Men are going to face.

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The most visually spectacular Marvel story in years is not to be missed! Part 2 of 3. One Month To Die! Now that's a mouthful.